Download of SmartPLS Examples

On this page, you find PLS-SEM examples (i.e., data sets and "ready to import" SmartPLS projects). You can download and use this data and PLS-SEM models! However, always cite our textbook

Hair, J.F., Hult, G.T.M., Ringle, C.M., and Sarstedt, M. A Primer on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) Sage, Thousand Oaks, 2013.

and the use of the SmartPLS software,

Ringle, C.M., Wende, S., and Will, A. "SmartPLS 2.0,", Hamburg, 2005.

Thanks in advance for your acknowledgment of our work and efforts to make learning or teaching PLS-SEM as convenient as possible for you!

Best regards
Joe Hair (Kennesaw State Univ.), Tomas Hult (Michigan State Univ.),
Christian M. Ringle (Hamburg Univ. of Techn., TUHH), and Marko Sarstedt (OVGU Magdeburg)